Dedicated to the growth and development of healthy relationships

The Lighthouse, located in Schaumburg, IL, is the first emotional wellness center to be established in the Midwest over 12 years ago, and is dedicated to the growth and development of healthy relationships. Our counseling and psychiatry services are provided for individuals, couples and families, ages 6 on up.

The Lighthouse, is the first and only emotional wellness center of its kind in the Midwest, located in Arlington Heights, Illinois, serving the Greater Chicagoland Area. Read more>>>

Kerry Ito is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, who has been part of the Lighthouse Emotional Wellness Center since its beginning in 2002. Read more>>>

The Couples Synergy 90 day Program, developed by Dr. Ray and Rev. Jean Kadkhodaian, teaches couples how to reenergize and improve the synergy within their relationship. Read more>>>

Who We Are

Dr. Ray and Rev. Jean Kadkhodaian, founded The Lighthouse Emotional Wellness Center, originally as a counseling practice dedicated to offering therapy for couples.

After working intensely with couples for over 13 years, we recognized that our approach was effective in improving other relationships as well. Thus, The Lighthouse extended its professional counseling services to families and individuals who want to be more successful in their relationships. Our individual and family counseling programs are tailored to the unique dynamics of each individual's relationships.

The integrative approach we use begins with a thorough assessment of a person’s interpersonal relationship history, then we teach new concepts and skills to help each person understand themselves and communicate successfully. Finally, we incorporate a practical application of new behaviors and skills in the real world which leads to permanent and lasting change in their relationships.