Simplify Your Wellness: How to create and use a Wellness Wheel

Simplify Your Wellness

By Joy Walsh, LCSW

Finding an effective balance in all areas of health does not need to be an overwhelming goal.  The Wellness Wheel separates the areas of your life into six simple focuses.  The five pieces in the center circle are the core areas (spiritual, emotional, intellectual, relational and physical).  The external circle (creativity and inspiration) is what you can do to protect the core areas.  

Continue reading to see how to apply this exercise to yourself in order to work towards developing more balance, focus and enrichment in your life.


How to use a Wellness Wheel

  1. Determine how often you want to create a wellness wheel.  I would suggest starting with one each week and once you get the hang of it decrease the frequency to once a month.
  2. Begin by filling out each of the areas with the things you already do.
  3. Go back and add one or two more things to each area that you want to begin including in your daily life or accomplish in the next week or month.
  4. Put your Wellness Wheel in a place where you will see it often in order to keep yourself focused.
  5. Once you feel ready, or your week or month is up, review the progress you made and get started on your next wellness wheel.

Some Tips and Tricks


For a tutorial with more tips and tricks, make sure to watch this quick video:

How to Create and Use a Wellness Wheel

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