Joy Walsh

Joy Walsh is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who strives to work with her clients everyday to help them create a lifestyle that is genuine and pushes them to meet their potential. Joy is most interested in working with adolescents, the millennial generation, and women, although is open to any client who is sincere in their curiosity and efforts for self-improvement. Her training and experience has provided her with the opportunity to focus on many treatment issues and concerns, specifically anxiety, depression, women’s issues, stress, self-esteem, trauma, relationship or family conflict. Starting with validating emotions, Joy continues enhancing the personal connection she has with each client by helping them gain insight to their own patterns, make sense of life’s challenges, and strengthen the motivation they have for effective changes. Individual, family or marital counseling are all options when working with her.

Joy’s education earned her a BA in Human Services from Millikin University, Masters in Social Work from Aurora University, and a Type 73 certification as a School Social Worker. She is also a member of the National Association of Social Workers. Prior to joining The Lighthouse, her background included working in many different settings, such as schools, residential and outpatient units of an addictions treatment center, and community mental health and support agencies. Joy continues to work closely with families impacted by substance use by facilitating the Family Program for Footprints to Recovery at Brooktree. Once earning her Clinical License, she has very much enjoyed supervising interns and licensure candidates.

Podcasts for Self-Improvement

I find that listening to podcasts is one of the most effective ways for me to learn from other people and experts all while continuing to keep up with my schedule. Whether you are a seasoned-podcast-listener or new to the whole concept, I have put together a few of my favorite podcasts for self-improvement.

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Easing Back to School Anxiety for High School and College Students

Welcome back to school! It’s a perfect time for you to have a fresh start and strong motivation. To make sure worry and anxiety don’t get in the way of all you are about to take on this year, let’s review how to make the most of it.

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“13 Reasons Why” Review

Regardless of opinion for this show existing, it has created easier access to a serious topic, which can be a positive thing — if addressed effectively.

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28 Day Self Love Challenge

28-Day Self Love Challenge By Joy Walsh, LCSW February is the month of love! Of all the relationships you have and focus on, how often do you work on the one you have with yourself?  This relationship is the most important as you cannot fully love others without...
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Simplify Your Wellness: How to create and use a Wellness Wheel

Finding an effective balance in all areas of health does not need to be an overwhelming goal. Using a Wellness Wheel is a practical way to simplify your focus on achieving balance in life.

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An Effective Skill to Immediately Release Tension

An Effective Skill to Immediately Release Tension By Joy Walsh, LCSW ”Your personal energy is your most important asset!  Be careful of it! Spend it wisely!” ~ Dr. Edmund Jacobson, You Must Relax How stressed are you right now? Even if you answered “not at all” to...
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