Kate Rhodes

Kate began her studies in the field of psychology as an undergrad at the University of Iowa. However, her interest in counseling started at an early age; watching family and friends struggle with anxiety, depression and addiction motivated Kate to pursue a path that allowed her to help others struggling with similar situations.

After completing her BA in Liberal Arts with a major in Psychology from the University of Illinois at Chicago, Kate decided to take some time before entering into a Master’s program. She was an early childhood educator for seven years; her experience there left her with a passion for working with children and helping others. Her background in early education provided a great foundation for working with the entire family.

Kate graduated from National Louis University with her MA in Community Counseling. She began her journey as an intern at The Lighthouse before joining the staff as a Licensed Professional Counselor in 2015 and looks forward to continuing her growth as a clinician. Kate works with individuals & families who are ready & focused on creating the lives & relationships they desire. She helps her clients move through the healing process while improving family relations & promoting health & wellness in their individual lives. She is a compassionate & professional advocate for individual’s needs with a gentle, empathic approach to counseling. By prioritizing the client-counselor relationship and building a personal connection with each individual, Kate provides a safe, accepting & respectful environment designed to empower clients & encourage personal growth . Her approach to therapy is collaborative and sessions are tailored to best fit the needs of the individual. Kate specializes in anxiety and depression with an emphasis on the importance of building better relationships as well as a focus on parent-child interactions. In working with children and adolescents Kate helps make sense of a recent diagnosis as well as provide hope and reassurance that the client will be taken care of and validated. The same care and understanding is given to the parents struggling with how to cope and help their child through a challenging time. Kate is dedicated to teaching resiliency in parenting. This is accomplished by helping parents prepare children to face the ever-changing world ahead by fostering confidence in themselves and their decision making skills and instilling a sense of security and connection within the family unit.

Kate currently resides with her husband, Chris, who shares her desire to help others as a Special Education Teacher. They have a full house with their young daughter, newborn on the way and two rowdy dogs! She enjoys reading and painting in her spare time as well as walking around her favorite spots, Starved Rock and Lake Geneva

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