THE EFFECTIVENESS OF FAMILY COUNSELING Edward L. Oriole L.C.P.C. C.A.D.C. N.C.C. When I was a teenager I read “Anna Karenina” by Leo Tolstoy. Tolstoy wrote with a profound appreciation of the human condition. His insight is demonstrated with the first line of “Anna...

How to Recognize Depression in Children

How to Recognize Depression in Children

Do not wait! Having a child with depressive symptoms does not make you a bad or negligent parent. It may not suggest that you had anything to do with the child’s pain. Good parenting simply demands that you get the child professional help and support the child in their recovery.

The Lighthouse and Counselor’s Self-Care

THE LIGHTHOUSE EMOTIONAL WELLNESS CENTER AND THE STAFF'S SELF-CARE By Edward Oriole, LCPC The strength of the therapeutic alliance between the counselor and the client, remains the best predictor of successful clinical outcome. Our foremost task, as therapists, is to...

Ten Keys to Happier Living

Inherent within the human spirit is the quest for happiness. Even the suicide, says philosopher Blaise Pascal, seeks the happiness of oblivion. After years of watching individuals seek happiness I came to a few conclusions: If your happiness model is owning things, it...