Dr. Ray Kadkhodaian

Dr. Ray is a CoFounder of The Lighthouse, a practice he founded with his wife, Jean, in 2002. Together they developed a unique and successful model of working with couples, called Couples Synergy, offered only at The Lighthouse. For the past 15 years, Dr. Ray & Rev Jean have helped thousands of couples and have quickly become experts in the field of marriage and relationships.

Dr. Ray is passionate about helping husbands understand the importance of their role in their marriage, teaching them new skills of communication and empowering them to make the changes necessary to create a happy, healthy and revitalized relationship with their spouse. As his wife, Jean, is able to provide guidance for the wives she works with, Dr. Ray is able to be an advocate for their husbands, educating them on the developmental challenges that every relationship encounters and helping them navigate those challenges.

Through his work with couples, Dr. Ray has also gained experience in helping individual men understand the challenges they face in today’s world. Whether it be a changing career, struggling with an addiction, learning how to face conflict appropriately or dealing with transitional or familial relationships, Dr. Ray has provided a guidance appreciated by many of his clients.

Dr. Ray grew up in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago and attended Creighton University in Omaha NE, where he received his BA in Psychology. After graduation, he moved back to Chicago and obtained a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology from Roosevelt University. His experience in the field has been extensive encompassing impatient, outpatient, community mental health and residential settings, having worked for facilities such as Kennth Young Center, Forest Hospital, Linden Oaks Hospital, Alexian Brothers Behavioral Health Hospital, Alexian Brothers Mental Health Center, and Gateway Foundation.

He received a doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Argosy University as well as certifications and training in coaching, alcohol & drug counseling, group crisis intervention, biofeedback, hypnotherapy and marital therapy.

How to Make Easier Decisions during the Holidays: Deciphering between Activity Focus and Relationship Focus

The control is yours when you decide which experiences deserve your extra attention and which things just need to get done.

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Creating Joyful Holidays: group starting November 29th

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The Attitude of Gratitude

The Attitude of Gratitude To be grateful means to feel pleased with something, in fact the root of the word is “gratus” which means “pleasing.”  But our instinct is to wait until we are pleased and then express gratitude, but what if we did this the other way around?...
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We Are Failing Our Teens: The Destructive Combination of Technology, Social Media, and Sexuality

We Are Failing Our Teens: The Destructive Combination of Technology, Social Media, and Sexuality -By Dr Ray Kadkhodaian This past January, in a local suburb of Chicago, a 16-year-old teen committed suicide hours after being confronted by school officials for video...
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Podcasts for Self-Improvement

I find that listening to podcasts is one of the most effective ways for me to learn from other people and experts all while continuing to keep up with my schedule. Whether you are a seasoned-podcast-listener or new to the whole concept, I have put together a few of my favorite podcasts for self-improvement.

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Easing Back to School Anxiety for High School and College Students

Welcome back to school! It’s a perfect time for you to have a fresh start and strong motivation. To make sure worry and anxiety don’t get in the way of all you are about to take on this year, let’s review how to make the most of it.

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I need help, do I seek out a therapist or a life coach?

  I need help, do I seek out a therapist or a life coach?   -By Dr. Ray Kadkhodaian Most people do not know that there are differences between licensed therapists and life coaches, and the type of guidance you will receive is predicated on which one you...
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Perspectives on Couples Synergy from Author, Drew Bekius

Perspectives on Couples Synergy from Author, Drew Bekius   Having been contacted after many years and after having obtained consent to talk about this experience, Jean and I are very proud to have been part of the life of Drew Bekius, author of "The Rise and Fall...
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My Thoughts on the JMT – By Dr Ray Kadkhodaian

John Muir Trail Thoughts – by Ray Kadkhodaian It has taken me this long to process everything that has happened with this journey and the impact it has had on me and it just seems fitting to close out 2016 with my thoughts about our hiking journey this past year. Make...
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Lessons From My Uncle By: Dr Ray Kadkhodaian

Lessons From My Uncle By: Dr Ray Kadkhodaian Since the sudden passing of my uncle two years ago, a day doesn’t go by without me thinking about how admirably he lived his life and how I can incorporate these lessons into my own life.  He was a man who not only left a...
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