Kathryn Fleming

Kathryn FlemingKathryn Fleming, LAMFT, entered the field of Psychotherapy in order to help guide those who are struggling internally towards overall wellness.  She takes a gentle, integrative approach to treatment, guiding her clients towards a better understanding of themselves, their strengths, and increasing their motivation and ability to make positive changes in their lives. 

She received her BA in Psychology from Purdue University.  During her time there, she volunteered as a Crisis Center Counselor and Rape Survivor Advocate.  She then went on to earn her Masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Northwestern University.  Since then, she has been working as a Crisis Therapist in Chicago, providing crisis assessment and intervention to youth in a mental health crisis.

She specializes in helping clients balance their connection between mind and body.  She has a passion for working with children, clients who are striving to reach a healthy weight, and those who are struggling with medical issues and physical limitations.  She developed this passion while volunteering at a therapeutic equestrian center for the physically and mentally disabled. 

Kathryn tailors her approach to each client, working collaboratively with the client, in order to bring them closer towards their goals.

“One universal truth is that our lives can change in an instant.  So often we expend our energy trying to either force change to happen, or prevent it.  When we discover and harness our inner strength, let go of what we cannot control, and take charge of what we can…that’s when we’re able to make positive steps towards creating our ideal life.”