Kerry Ito

Kerry Ito, MA, LCPC

Kerry Ito, LCPC, is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, who has been part of the Lighthouse Emotional Wellness Center since its beginning in 2002. Prior to becoming a clinical counselor, she worked as a corporate consultant and analyst for companies such a Banker’s Life & Casualty, Chicago Tribune, and Harris Bank. Her time working for these large businesses allowed her to experience the corporate world, but also led her to search for a more holistic career eventually landing in her life’s work of being a psychotherapist.

After receiving her Masters in Clinical Counseling from Roosevelt University, she worked as a psychosocial rehabilitation counselor, where she was trained in Dialectic Behavior Therapy (DBT).  Kerry continues to use DBT to teach her clients mindfulness and emotional control to help them overcome their depression and anxieties.  They can then develop healthy connections to others, a balanced sense of self, and enhanced well-being.

Kerry is trained in Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy, defined by founder Diane Zimberoff, as a process:

It is a series of healing experiences followed by time and making changes.  It is a process of incorporating the conscious and sub-conscious changes into new behavior. It is a process of discovering who you really are and shedding the “false selves” you have adopted to survive in dysfunctional families.  It is a process of releasing that overpowering need for external approval and developing internal self-appreciation.  And finally, therapy is a process of re-uniting with the disowned frozen child parts of ourselves, of reclaiming those disowned inner resources so that we can begin to feel joy again—or maybe for the first time. (Breaking Free From the Victim Trap, Wellness Press, Issaquah, WA,  2011).

Kerry strives to take all of her clients through this healing process.

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