The Origin of Behavior

The term “lifestyle” has a much deeper meaning than the image that one wishes to project.  In developmental psychology terms it is the cognitive framework which enables one to understand the world, and to select behavior.  The behaviors chosen enable one to reach the goals of safety, security, self-esteem, and success.  It further permits the protection against insecurity, danger and frustration.  The developing child selects from his or hers many experiences and constructs a cognitive map.  I see this pattern in my practice.  It is as if they are saying ” Because this or that happened to me, I shall never behave in a certain way.”  or, ” This is what works for me and I will continue to behave in a certain way to reap the same reward.”  This knowledge is useful in everyday life if one is interested in the origins of behavior.  John Steinbeck’s quote was accurate.  “The past is never over.  In fact it is not even the past.”

Edward L. Oriole  LCPC CADC NCC

Staff At The Lighthouse Emotional Wellness Center

Schaumburg Il.