Addiction Education and Support Group

Addiction Education and Support GroupAddiction Education and Support Group

offered at The Lighthouse Emotional Wellness Center

a counseling center located in Schaumburg, Illinois

on Fridays at 6pm

Facilitated by Edward Oriole, LCPC, CADC

“We seek to identify and address that period of time when abstinence resolve has weakened
but actual relapse has not yet occurred”

“Relapse is a process. There is a period of time when the addict’s resolve is lessened,
but the decision to relapse has not been made.
Our group session addresses the mental and emotional warning signs
before the decision to relapse is made.
The group goal is to “insert” an alternative between weakened resolve and relapse.”

The ninety minute group session is structured for both addicts and support individuals:

– High Risk Situations
– Family Roles
– Boundaries and Consequences Stages of Change.
– Family Systems
– Preparation for the Return of the Addict

$25 per session

Call 847-253-9769
to register

1930 Thoreau Dr N, Ste 170

Schaumburg, Illinois