Routines in times of quarantine and beyond

As more of our society currently is quarantined inside of their homes, it can be easy to not stick to a routine. The human mind recognizes and adapts quickly to patterns that are seen in daily activity. I propose that now more than ever, families need to stick to routines. Let’s start with the basics: children are home from school, many jobs are requiring employees to work from home. How does this translate to a routine?
Families can take advantage of the time spent together by engaging more as a family. This is a time to plan meals together, even cook as a family. Families can have scheduled check in times to coordinate who is doing what and how everyone is feeling, both physically and emotionally. Families can have schedules of daily activities on their phone, hung up around the house, or whatever works for their family unit. The satisfaction of being able to check off activities and feel that each day has a purpose can help alleviate stress caused by the quarantine.
In conclusion, all of these suggestions can extend beyond this quarantine. Having a steady routine and knowing what the day holds can alleviate the stress of the unknown.