Self-Care During Quarantine

Many people are transitioning to working from home. Schools are closed. Libraries are closed. Restaurants no longer offer eat-in dining. Everyone is cooped up at home. I wrote a blog about things to do with your kids while at home last week. Now I’d like to address another topic I care deeply about: self-care.

The demands of being a parent who works from home can be difficult to balance, but not impossible. Your work needs to get done and the kids need to be cared for. When will you make time to take care of yourself? It’s so easy to let it slip. But what happens when your needs are not met is that you leave yourself susceptible to burn out. Self care will be vital in finding your new balance. Rest assured, you will find it. 

While you are working to find balance for your family, don’t forget to make time for the things that make you feel balanced. You will likely need to be creative in carving out time for your own self-care. You can still meditate, exercise, spend time outside, take bubble baths, do art and read books. You can still call your loved ones, drink fancy coffee or tea, paint your nails or whatever else you like to do. Exactly what you do is not important, as long as you are doing something for yourself every day. 

And as you model this behavior of prioritizing self-care while your children are close by, you are setting a healthy example for them to prioritize their own self-care. You are teaching them that these healthy habits are important, and how to do them. Learning this skill is invaluable, so engage in your self-care guilt free, because it’s good for your kids too!