Sheltering in Place: A Challenge and an Opportunity

A recurring theme in my recent sessions has been the challenge of adjusting to changes brought about by the recent social distancing and quarantine caused by COVID-19. People who are used to working outside of the home are adjusting to working at home. Children are adjusting to learning from home and they are missing their friends at school. Parents are adjusting to having their children home full time, so they are wearing their parent and employee hats at the same time. And then there are those who cannot perform their job duties outside of the home, which presents its own set of challenges. The whole thing is, well, challenging. 

It is prudent to remember the importance of structure in our days, especially for children. It is easy to feel listless and directionless when spending seemingly endless days at home. I encourage everyone to have a family meeting to discuss what everyone’s needs are, and come up with a plan that works for everyone. You will need to be creative. You will likely need to revisit the conversation at some point. Included in the list of tasks to accomplish should be self care time, which I will write more about in another post.

This is a time of uncertainty, yes, but it also provides a unique opportunity to grow as a family unit. Working together and supporting each other in the coming days can bring families closer together.