digital and physical interaction while staying at home

Staying at home offers it’s own unique set of challenges. If you are still working from home, your family is now all sharing the house together during your work hours. social interaction through social media is a ever increasing trend in our society, but I think staying at home offers a unique option to spend more face to face time with your family then ever before.
How do you find the balance between face to face and virtual interactions? The answer is through continuing to have time in your daily routine for family interactions. If your family is all on social media or any devices, the time spent as a family is not as rewarding. Everyone is paying attention to what they are doing and not each other. I propose setting aside time every day with no devices for everyone to communicate as a family. This could be through mealtime, board games, or simply family discussions. It is important to address any concerns through these difficult times and now families can feel a sense of closeness that may have been lacking in their typical hectic days of commuting, school, and other out of the home activities.
In conclusion, this is a time where families can have the face to face interaction and grow as a family unit. Virtual interactions are necessary, but not for entire days at a time. Come together and bring your family closer and help foster strong relationships.