A Little Bit is Better Than Nothing

Something I’ve been hearing about in recent sessions is people’s lack of motivation. Clients talk about goals that are important to them, but also express frustration with themselves for not having yet done whatever it is that they’re wanting to do.

A good example of this is exercise. There seems to be this idea that if you don’t spend a whole hour panting and sweating, that you’ve wasted your time. But when you allow that thought to take hold, you prevent yourself from exercising at all! 

Think about it this way: Would you rather eat half of your favorite cookie, or none? A little bit is better than nothing, right? 

So, why not apply that same logic to exercise? Isn’t it better to walk around the neighborhood for 10 minutes than not at all? Isn’t it better to do two push-ups than none? A little bit is better than nothing.

Why not apply that logic to any task? If you sweep some of the dirt off the floors, they’re still cleaner than they were before. If you wash half the dishes, that’s still progress! Meditating for five minutes will bring you more peace than meditating for no minutes! By doing little bits, as long as you keep working on it, you will eventually meet your goal! A little bit is better than nothing, and sometimes, a little bit goes a long way.