It’s not as bad as what your anxious mind predicts

A situation is rarely as bad as what your anxious mind predicts. The only way to truly find out about an experience and how it impacts you is to TRY IT!! You have thought of actions that might seem scary and nerve-racking, but something in you was drawn to them. That is your gut and intuition talking. Learning how to trust it is difficult, but doable and so worth it!

So try out the idea you had and trust your gut and intuition (also known as “heart”). Go ahead and …
– Introduce yourself to a new co-worker
– Savor an exotic food
– Eat at the recommended restaurant
– Take the 3 day road trip
– Send the love note
– Go skydiving
– Wear the out-of-the-box outfit
– Get on the dance floor!

See how you feel afterwards and then YOU can decide if it was really that scary or not.

Cheers to your fearless actions,
Angela Zender, Anxiety Coach