Music is great for coping with anxiety

“Sing…. Sing a song….”

When you are anxious, it can be tough to belt out a song. It is difficult to sing a favorite tune because the stress on your mind is tangled up with negative thoughts. One helpful way to cope with anxiety is by listening to music.

The melody of a song is processed through our temporal lobe in our brain. This section of the brain processes sounds. Listening to favorite songs illicit emotions and usually reminds us of our past. Your favorites could be happy or sad in nature, yet they still make you feel something. There have been some phenomenal studies about how music impacts the brain and mood of a person with Alzheimer’s disease. This disease often reduces or almost erases someone’s memories. This can be tragic in their daily lives as well as with their personal relationships. Music can be helpful to them and you!

When you are anxious, try listening to a favorite album or shuffle up songs you listened to years ago. Music can distract us from the worries we have and help us calm our mind to find a moment of balance. In working with anxious clients, I often use music to give their thoughts a voice and to regulate emotions.

Today I challenge you to turn on some music and take a mindful moment to listen and feel any emotions or memories coming up for you.