Do you compare yourself to others all the time?

Hello there! First, listen to the audio clip to hear the spoken word called “Comparables”.

Do you compare yourself to other people all of the time? If so, it must be exhausting! It is natural to compare yourself to people around you and sometimes it can help you improve yourself. However, always comparing yourself to others is harmful to your mental health. There will always be someone doing something better than you are. This might make you feel bad, but it is true. Just as you are doing something better and with more experience than someone else.

Stressful situations and anxious thoughts feed comparing yourself to others. You do not have to be trapped in a glass box looking at all of the greatness of others. Instead, work on your anxiety management and build your own confidence. Let me help you figure out why you feel so strongly about comparing yourself to others. Then, let’s work on looking at your strengths and what you have to offer the world.

Just like in the alphabet, every letter is necessary and plays its own role.

-Angela Zender, Anxiety Coach