O – C – D. You might of heard of it on tv shows or in movies. OCD stands for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. The character in the show or movie might be super organized or very detailed oriented. You might also know people around you who might say, “Oh that’s just my OCD”. People might say this when talking about how they organize their desk at work or how they like things in a certain order at home. Some people like to stick to a specific routine because that process helps them get things done.

As the Anxiety Coach at The Lighthouse, I know that people who actually meet criteria to be diagnosed with OCD are living a very difficult life. It can be debilitating to have these obsessions and negative thoughts. Then they’ve developed compulsions, or behaviors that are repeated in order to ease an intense fear related to the obsessions. This can impact relationships, jobs, and school work. However, there are steps to help those with OCD live a more joyful life.

Through exposure and response prevention therapy, many individuals with OCD have felt better. Reach out to The Lighthouse Emotional Wellness Center to schedule a virtual session with me, Angela, the Anxiety Coach.

Having OCD might feel like being trapped in a dark tunnel. Remember that at The Lighthouse, we illuminate your possibilities.