Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)

Addiction in all of its forms is a disease of isolation, secrecy and dissociation. When an individual organizes their world in those terms the result is a significant dysfunction. In my practice, the initial goal is to establish a therapeutic alliance between myself and the client. The next stage includes the identification of the illogical beliefs that have emerged from the isolation, secrecy and dissociation. The manifest themselves in one or all of the following: The client believes illogically that:

1. The world is a cold and rejecting place
2. Other people will never care for me
3. I will never be loved
4. I do not deserve to be loved
5. There is something negatively repellent about me
6. I am fated to be a victim
7. I am eventually going to be abandoned

When all or some of these are identified as ACEs or adverse childhood experiences, myself and the client work rigorously to dispute the rationality of the illogical belief system.

-Written by: Edward L. Oriole L.C.P.C. C.A.D.C. N.C.C.
-With contribution from Andrea Serrano