What Keeps You Going?

I think we can all agree that depression is draining. A common thought to getting out of the pit of depression is – where do I even start? When a person is struggling with depression things that were once important and things that once made them happy gives them no joy. It’s hard to see past the darkness, and it’s hard to believe that a better life does exist. One way I work with clients to get back into the driver’s seat in your life, is to examine their values. There are a variety of values that a person can hold in their life, and values do change through the years. The values I’m going to talk to you about today will hopefully be able to give you a starting point to begin a road to a more uplifting life.

There are some common values that a lot of people have, and when depression creeps in things once valued and given time and space in our lives no longer seem worth it. If you are struggling with depression, and don’t even know where to start I challenge you to look and examine what values you can work on getting back into your life. A few values might be: family, friends, career, health, spirituality, wealth, or hobbies. Depression is real, There are small steps you can make every day to get back to that matter to you, and incorporating things that have value in your life.

Written by: Bethany Juran, LPC

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