Your Personal Bill of Rights! Pt. 2

So, as we all know, all U.S. citizens have a bill of rights mandated by the U.S. constitution that gives us power to pursue our own path in life and protects us from unreasonable causes. However, what if I told you that outside the constitution, you have your own personal bill of rights that consists of twenty-five rules that you can emotionally abide by? Twenty-Five simple rules that can overall help you live a much more fulfilling life! Here are your personal bill of rights pt. 2. If you have not already, read Part 1 of this blog series by clicking here.

Welcome to the second of my many parts journal on the twenty-five personal bill of rights:

6. I have the right to follow my own values and standards.

We as people tend to forget our own values and standards when we begin to sacrifice them for something lower. When we start to sacrifice these values and standards that we hold so dearly, we start to become someone we are not.

7. I have the right to say “no” to anything when I feel I am not ready, when I feel it is unsafe, or when I feel it violates my values. 

I cannot tell you the number of times I have seen people come in and tell me that they got into a situation that they said “yes” to. Sometimes you will need to ask yourself… what would happen if I said “no”; what would be the benefit for me? You would be surprised that at times, the benefit will outweigh the consequence.

8. I have the right not to be responsible for others’ actions, feelings, or problems. 

Have you ever been to a party with a friend and your friend says something really stupid or offensive? What if I told you… it is not your fault? You did nothing wrong to cause this individual to say something and now it is their responsibility to handle the fire that they caused. You have the right to be mad at that individual, but you do not need to help them get out of that mess.

9. I have the right to determine my own priorities. 

Everyone’s journey in life is different. You may have your eyes set on a new house. Someone else might have their eyes set on children. Another might have their eyes set on a new car. That’s ok! Where other people are in life is where they are in their stage of life. You should never feel pressured to match someone else’s life goals and priorities. You do what you need to do for your success and take your time with it.

10. I have the right to expect honesty from others.

Plain and simple. You don’t deserve to be lied to. People who show honesty are more trustworthy than someone who lies to your face. Assert your boundaries and only allow truthful people in your life.

Arbin Memisi
Counselor at The Lighthouse Emotional Wellness Center
Arlington Heights, IL
(847) 253-9769