What Can CBT-I Do For You?

Did you know… that The Lighthouse now offers sleep therapy services for individuals who suffer from insomnia? How does one seek such service to treat their insomnia? Easy! I, Arbin Memisi at The Lighthouse, have a special skill that can help you overcome insomnia. That skill is CBT-I; Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia! What Can CBT-I Do For You?

Fun fact… it really has nothing to do with cognitive behavioral therapy. It’s more similar to ABA Therapy (Applied Behavioral Analysis) for individuals with Autism in terms of teaching new behaviors that are appropriate and help stop behaviors that are detrimental to the individual’s mental health. With CBT-I, I can help you to alter your sleep behavior, teach you how insomnia is the product of both negative and positive consequences, and help you reinforce good sleeping habits in order to increase good sleep and lower frequency of sleepless nights! Best part of CBT-I? We can visually see your sleep progress get better and better, week by week, through a sleep journal. The results are there in front of your eyes as we work together to help you get better nights of sleep!

What are the requirements to participate in sleep therapy? Easy!
  1. You must be 18 years or older. Due to young teens’ schedules with school and homework, it is much more difficult to work on insomnia. Teens and young children tend to need more sleep than what society gives them. Sometimes up to ten hours of sleep! CBT-I is rigid and must be followed carefully, like a diet!
  2. If you have diagnosed sleep apnea, you must be working with a sleep doctor and using your CPAP machine.
  3. A strong will and urge to continue CBT-I when the going gets tough! Before sleep gets better, sometimes it will have to get worse!

Feel free to schedule a sleep therapy evaluation at The Lighthouse Emotional Wellness Center with me! If you are a current client, you can also seek treatment with me while you are seeing your current therapist!

Arbin Memisi

Counselor at The Lighthouse Emotional Wellness Center

(847) 253-9769