Give yourself a chance to try new things!

So imagine this… you go to your favorite restaurant and order your favorite meal. It tastes good, you walk out full, and feel satisfied! Now imagine doing this over and over again. Eventually it gets boring, right? Give yourself the chance to try something new and different! Now, what if you went to your favorite restaurant, but tried something else? Or you go to a different restaurant, but order what you usually order at your typical favorite place? What do you think is going to happen? Well as a therapist, I don’t give guarantees, but I do offer two extremes that can happen:

  1. You will find yourself loving the choice that you made.
  2. You will find yourself hating the choice that you made.

Why is this important? Our brains require us to provide it mental stimulation. Trying something new helps give it that stimulation it needs! It also can provide us with a variety of experiences that are new and unique to us whether they are good or bad. Imagine going on a date and you both agree to do something that you both never tried before. Regardless of the outcome, it will leave you both with something to talk about and bond over. So go ahead, try going to a restaurant and eating alone, crank up the difficulty in a hobby you enjoy, learn something new, challenge yourself to do something out of your norm, but whatever you do… do not become complacent in your own lives. Enjoy the new things life has to offer!

Arbin Memisi, LPC, NCC

The Lighthouse Emotional Wellness Center

(847) 253-9769