Taking longer breaks from the Media?

Taking longer breaks from the Media? Society always wants us to be in the loop of what’s going on with the world.

Is there such thing as a balance between checking our phones and the news? Are we trained to find the “golden middle”?
The last few years have not been the easiest for our mental health. Nowadays the news and media are in the palm of our hands quite literally every step we take. Humans are using the internet earlier than ever before. It can really impact children and teens’ growth as individuals. Feeling left out when teens and adults don’t use social media can cause anxiety and depression. We are so afraid when someone doesn’t invite us to an event that it can play a role in our mental health.
Sometimes social media can quickly impact our moods during the day like a light switch. From hearing about what’s happening in a different country or hearing about unfair court rulings, and accidents, some of us may always get the news on the day of the event. While it’s nice to know what’s going on in the world it might seem exhausting at times. Especially, young adults and children. Taking breaks from the media is vital.

Have you ever heard of the news that happened in a different country and just felt hopeless? Sometimes hearing devastating news can impact our mental health more than we tend to realize. There are more videos on the web that can be traumatic viewing. We are desensitizing ourselves the more we view the more traumatic content.
We should be more conscious of how much social media we are consuming.
Taking what’s called a “hiatus” from the internet could be very beneficial for our state of mind. We can feel better from taking a break when our world is always so loud.

Janaye Godawa, QMHP

Breaks From The Media