28 Day Self Love Challenge

28-Day Self Love Challenge

By Joy Walsh, LCSW

February is the month of love! Of all the relationships you have and focus on, how often do you work on the one you have with yourself?  This relationship is the most important as you cannot fully love others without loving yourself first.  For the next four weeks I am challenging you to accomplish just one action of self-love each day.

If you are on social media and taking part of this challenge, show us your progress by using #LighthouseSelfLove in your posts!

1 Make a playlist of songs that you appreciate and feel are uplifting for your mood.  Name this your “Self Love” playlist or similar.

2 Make plans to do something you will look forward to. This can be on your own or with someone else.

3 While looking in a mirror, tell yourself 5 things that you appreciate about yourself.

4 Spend at least 30 minutes in nature.

5 Listen to the Illuminate your Possibilities Meditation

6 Look at the pictures you have displayed in your home or office. Reflect on why you chose these to surround you.

7 Write down at least 25 different answers to the question “Who Am I?”

8 Review your goals or bucket list, making edits if needed.  If you do not have a list, create one.

9 Wear the outfit you feel most confident in today.  Take extra time to get ready.

10 Reflect on the past 10 days and write down 10 things you can take credit for since starting this challenge.

11 Create something without judgement of the quality or your ability.

12 Listen to the Emotional Freedom Visualization

13 Swap one meal out for a healthier choice in food and drink.

14 Pamper yourself in at least one way today.

15 Listen to your “Self Love” playlist start to finish.  Feel free to dance and sing along!

16 Delete any useless or time draining apps from your phone.

17 Begin reading your favorite book again or a new one you have been meaning to start.

18 While looking in a mirror, tell yourself 10 things that you appreciate about yourself.

19 Listen to the Sacred Temple Meditation

20 Reflect on the past 20 days and write down 20 things you can take credit for since starting this challenge.

21 Set an alarm and spend at least 1 hour without your phone or any technology.

22 Make that appointment you have been putting off (doctor, dentist, therapist, etc.) and/or make one that will be a treat for yourself (massage, hair, etc.)

23 Set an alarm for bedtime. Do not “snooze” it.

24 Do a random act of kindness for another person.

25 Spend time by yourself in a spiritual or cultural place (museum, labyrinth, church, etc.)

26 Listen to the Personal Power Meditation

27 Write a reflection piece or journal entry about your self-love challenge month.

28 Make a Wellness Wheel for next month using this blog and/or this video


Joy Walsh, LCSW, is a therapist at The Lighthouse Emotional Wellness Center, located in Schaumburg. The Lighthouse provides professional counseling services for individuals, couples and families and is dedicated to the growth and development of healthy relationships.