Punch Bowl Social Review

Punch Bowl Social Review

If you ever want to unwind and go out for some beer, good food and recreation, you’ve got to try this fancy dining place in Schaumburg.

Quick bite after a late night of working, Jean and I decided to stop in at Punch Bowl Social in Schaumburg. This restaurant has a lot more to offer than just food and specialty cocktails, since they have bowling on the second floor, karaoke and arcade games.They have numerous stylish bars in a three-level warehouse setting. The interior structural design is a mix of modern, industrial, and vintage themes which serve as fascinating background for their recreational activities. It’s like multiple bars and pubs all wrapped into one building. For sure, you’ll be like bar hopping without having to go places!

This is a perfect venue for fun and games. It’s even a wonderful place to hold an event. Bring in a clan or drag all your friends here. You’ll have a great bonding moment with all the amenities available. Moreover, their friendly and hospitable staff is always at your service when needed.

There’s a wide selection of good food in this place. They sure know how to make our tummy happy with their scrumptious menu that is well-balanced and nutritious. They’re also quite generous with the serving size of their dishes, which is favorable to everyone with a big appetite. Don’t worry if you’ve got a small appetite. You can always share the tasty and savory food. It’s like what the old folks say; sharing is loving!

I had their version of an Old Fashioned to wet my appetite and Jean had the bartender mix up a Cosmo. Appetizer was a Farmers Board which had a generous amount of prosciutto. Jean went with the Confit St Louis Ribs which just fell off the bone and had just the right amount of bbq sauce. I ordered the Chicken and Waffles, which was so decadent and just the right balance of dinner and dessert.

It’s probably the best place to dine and fully unwind. With all the good food, drink, and service, what more would you wish for? Next time, we’ll stay for some bowling when we can make it an extended night out 🙂

Next time, we’ll stay for some bowling when we can make it an extended night out. Want to join us?

Chicken And Waffles