Joy Walsh

Joy Walsh,LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Joy is an emotional wellness educator. She believes that it is not the challenges we face
but how we overcome that leads us to a state of emotional wellness. Using creative
therapy techniques, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Acceptance and
Commitment Therapy (ACT), Joy works to empower adolescents, young adults and women
to become their best selves and overcome challenges such as anxiety, depression, women’s
issues, self-esteem, trauma, and relationship or family conflict.

At every touch point, Joy teaches. Practicing from a place of integrity and authenticity her
focus is clear:
 – Emotional awareness
 – Identifying values
 – Recognizing patterns
 – Practicing mindfulness
 – Empowerment

Joy’s passion for therapy is derived from her own ability to overcome challenges and build
resiliency from the support she received after she experienced loss at a young age. Coupled
with her intense focus on professional growth, Joy is able to guide those that put their
trust in her to their full potential.

Beyond her work with her clients, Joy is passionate about leading and mentoring other
therapists with the same calling. She is a natural leader and guides new therapists as they
begin to perfect their skill in practice.

Joy earned a BA in Human Services from Millikin University, Masters in Social Work from
Aurora University, and a Type 73 certification as a School Social Worker. She is also a
member of the National Association of Social Workers. Prior to joining The Lighthouse, her
background included working in many different settings, such as schools, residential and
outpatient units of an addictions treatment center, and community mental health and
support agencies. Joy continues to work closely with families impacted by substance use by
facilitating the Family Program for Footprints to Recovery at Brooktree. She is a leader in
the Health and Wellness Alliance of Schaumburg whose mission is to promote a healthy and
active community producing productive relationships at work and home.

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