Addiction Treatment Sherman Oaks

Addiction Treatment Sherman Oaks

Just as every individual is unique, every drug and alcohol addiction treatment/approach should be too. At Trauma and Beyond Center, we believe the best drug and alcohol addiction treatment should constantly be changing and adjusting to meet the needs of our patients. Our Sherman Oaks rehab center offers fully individualized substance abuse treatments that comprise several different treatment programs.

This unique approach allows us to address every part of your drug and alcohol abuse in a way that works best for you as assessed through across-the-board evaluations throughout your participation in our program. 

Medical Detox 

Medical detoxification services can be offered by your healthcare clinic or hospital before you enter a substance abuse addiction program, but going through this process in our rehab center allows you to start the Sherman Oaks drug rehab process at the same time. At Trauma and Beyond Center, our detox unit include both physicians and nurses who have the experience and expertise in easing the discomfort of substance abuse withdrawal and cravings.

Trauma-Informed Practices

In a lot of cases, those struggling with drug and alcohol addiction have a history of trauma that directly contribute to their substance abuse. At Trauma and Beyond Center, our staff clinicians have the training and necessary experience to recognize trauma. 

More importantly, they understand its impacts on your behaviors and life and help create self-awareness so that you can explore the problems and move forward with your life. Also, we’ll mindfully engage you in this process by offering trauma-informed and compassionate care at all times.  

Behavioral Therapies

Our substance abuse treatment in Sherman Oaks includes several different types of behavioral therapies, such as Eye-Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR), Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and family behavior therapy. Each of these behavioral therapies works to transform the behaviors and attitudes surrounding your addiction and help improve your ability to handle conditions that may trigger your relapse. We’ll use a combination of these behavioral therapeutic practices to address your addiction.

Holistic Treatments

Our holistic therapy is designed to complement your partaking in formal therapy. The goal of our holistic treatment is to address your mind, body, and soul rather than merely treating the drug and alcohol addiction problem. Our addiction treatment Sherman Oaks treat the entire patient’s, taking every part of your life into account to support continued sobriety.

Aftercare Service

While Alcohol rehabilitation in Sherman Oaks will give you the basis you need to perform in the ongoing recovery, drug and alcohol addiction program doesn’t end when you complete the program. At Trauma and Beyond Center, we provide aftercare service so as to ensure you have the support you need to sustain you when things get rough. Like the other phases of our addiction treatment Sherman Oaks, we provide an aftercare service that is tailored to your individual needs.

Change Your Life Now, and Seek Help

For several years, Trauma and Beyond Center has been one of the best drugs and alcohol rehab centers in Sherman Oaks. We are here to help you. Looking for nearby alcohol rehab, contact Trauma & Beyond to speak with an addiction treatment specialist or to verify your insurance: 818-651-0725.

Addiction Treatment Sherman Oaks

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Addiction Treatment Sherman Oaks

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