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Rehabilitation from alcohol abuse and addiction takes time. It is a challenging process for the person involved and the people around him. If you are looking for credible alcohol rehab centers in Los Angeles, there are several facilities in the area to choose from. You might want to consider our rehab facility, Dana Point Rehab Campus. We offer a comfortable and quality rehab programs with the help of our professional doctors and nurses.

People with alcohol abuse problems have varying needs. Alcohol addiction and abuse can be mild, moderate or severe. The type of treatment that will be given depends on these categories or the severity of alcohol abuse. Before you undergo an alcohol rehab treatment, the doctor will assess your condition and come up with a diagnosis based on the result of the assessment and laboratory tests. Your doctor will also offer the best treatment options for your condition.

The process of rehabilitation starts with the detox. This program is not considered treatment, but it is the primary step towards getting sober and breaking free from addiction and abuse. When a person stops drinking alcohol, they will experience withdrawal symptoms.  This is the sign of alcohol dependence, and this can happen 6 hours to 24 hours after the last alcohol intake.

The withdrawal symptoms include:

  1. Tremors and Shaking
  2. Delirium tremens
  3. Hallucinations
  4. Difficulty sleeping
  5. Anxiety
  6. Irregular blood pressure and heart rate
  7. Depression

It is challenging to overcome drug addiction without the proper support. It’s hard to deal with the withdrawal symptoms and for some; they even end up taking alcohol again because they can’t handle the withdrawal symptoms. It may start as mild symptoms then gradually heighten. In some cases, the symptoms can become life-threatening.

Basic Types of Rehab

Before entering a rehab facility, understanding your options will help a lot. If you have decided to undergo treatment at one of the best alcohol rehab centers in Los Angeles has to offer, here are the basic types of treatment to choose from:


Inpatient drug rehab involves 24 hours medical assistance and monitoring. Patient care is provided round the clock. Their vital signs are also monitored from time to time. This type of program is best for those who want to focus on their treatment and avoid distractions from their usual environment.


With this program you get to undergo treatment but still stay at home, go to work or go to school. You can continue with your responsibilities while you go about the treatment. This will require you to attend session and therapies on a precise schedule. This also works best for individuals with mild alcohol problems, have a good environment and strong support system.

These treatment programs are more effective with the patient’s willingness to cooperate and the support of their family and loved ones.  It may take a lot of patience, but recovery from alcohol addiction is possible. To learn more about the programs we offer here at Dana Point Rehab Campus, feel free to contact us via phone or email.

Alcohol Rehab Los Angeles

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