Alcohol Treatment Denver Colorado

Alcohol Treatment Denver Colorado

If you are thinking that your alcohol consumption is becoming a problem, we at Valiant Living are here to help. This blog will help you understand what could be signs of alcohol abuse. We at the Valiant Living alcohol treatment Denver Colorado are a judgment-free center that is here to help.

Signs that Alcohol Consumption is Becoming a Problem

Alcohol can be a great way to have fun and relax with friends, yet it can also very quickly become a serious problem. Knowing the signs of alcohol becoming a problem can help you catch it before it spirals out of control. Early signs to watch out for include changes in mood or behavior when under the influence; if you feel more aggressive or your joy suddenly turns into deep sadness, this could be an indicator that alcohol has become too central to your life. Additionally, if you find yourself constantly needing more alcohol to feel relaxed or “normal”, this is another sign that things are going down the wrong path. Paying attention to these warning signs can ensure that you get the help and support you need before any permanent damage is done.

You Binge Drink or Heavily Drink

Consuming alcohol in abundance can harm one's health, even if they are not dependent on it. Per statistics from 2015-2019, excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages caused about 140,000 deaths each year in the United States alone. Overindulging comes in two forms: binge drinking and heavy drinking. Binge drinking is cited as four or more drinks for women and five or more for men during a single session; while heavy imbibing entails eight (women) or fifteen (men) drinks consumed within seven days.

You Drink While You're Pregnant

Expectant mothers who consume alcohol while pregnant put their unborn babies at risk for a range of health issues, including facial deformities, low birth weight, intellect impairments, and more. Unfortunately, there is no amount known to be safe when it comes to drinking during gestation; if you are finding it hard to manage your consumption while expecting then reach out and get professional help.

You Drink While Underage

The legal age for the consumption of alcohol is strictly 21. If you are younger than that, it's paramount to abstain from drinking as underage drinking has been linked to issues such as poor academic performance, physical and sexual violence, increased likelihood of suicide or homicide attempts, and long-lasting changes in brain development.

You Gain an Increased Tolerance

Feeling the effects of alcohol is a sign that your drinking is becoming more dangerous – and if you have to keep imbibing larger amounts just to experience those same effects, then it's time for you to seek professional assistance with your dependency. Alcohol use disorder can vary from mild to extreme cases; an increased tolerance could indicate that yours is worsening.

Your Relationships Are Being Affected

Abusing alcohol can be damaging to your interpersonal relationships and spark discord with the ones you love. When impaired by liquor, one's sound judgment is blurred and emotions fluctuate drastically; often resulting in imprudent behavior – all of which will inevitably hurt any relationship. Consequently, while it may seem like an innocuous habit or intermittent pleasure, the hidden costs associated with excessive drinking should not go unnoticed.

If you Stop Drinking You Feel Symptoms Like Withdrawal

If you've been consuming alcohol heavily for an extended period, abruptly stopping can cause withdrawal symptoms to occur. These warning signs mean that your body has developed a reliance on the substance and could manifest in uncomfortable physical or psychological sensations such as sweating, tremor-like shaking, insomnia, rapid heartbeat, vomiting/nausea, auditory/visual hallucinations, anxiety disturbances like restlessness, and agitation; seizures may even be possible.

Your Loved Ones Have Told You They are Worried

If you are unsure whether your drinking habits have become problematic, it is worth considering the perspectives of people who care about you. If those around you have suggested that your alcohol consumption has been excessive, then speaking to a doctor may be beneficial. It's important to remember that our loved ones can often identify changes in behavior before we notice them ourselves.

Your Drinking has You in Danger

All too often, the short-term and long-term use of alcohol is linked to a variety of detrimental health issues. When drinking in moderation there are risks like car crashes, falls, drowning incidents, or burns due to negligence as well as an increased chance for physical abuse. Over time, however, we can also expect exacerbated blood pressure levels, heart disease along with strokes – not forgetting that cancer and dementia may even be brought on by heavy consumption.

Valiant Living Alcohol Treatment Denver Colorado

The consequences of alcohol abuse are far-reaching and pervasive, extending to the individual, their family members, and society as a whole. It is thus essential to ascertain signs of an alcohol use disorder in order to provide help swiftly. By being aware of these telltale indicators you can intervene earlier on before more damaging outcomes occur both now and down the line. Here at Valiant Living Detox and Assessment, we are aware of how hard it is to recognize when someone has an alcohol problem. We want to assist you in understanding if there's a need for extra help – don't wait any longer! To get more information about our services, contact us now or call us at 720-796-6885.

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