Bipolar treatment center

Awakenings Treatment Center is a leading mental health clinic that offers treatment for primary mental health challenges. As a famous bipolar treatment center, we help our patients suffering from mood swings, anger, anxiety, and unwanted thoughts and emotions.

Role of Psychotherapy in treating bipolar disorder

At our treatment center, we employ several psychotherapy techniques to treat a variety of mental disorders in individual, group, and family settings. Our therapists use the following therapies to treat bipolar disorder:

  • IPSR therapy – Interpersonal and social rhythm therapy stabilizes daily activities in patients like waking up, sleeping patterns, and mealtimes. It is an effective way to control mood swings by teaching a routine pattern in behavior.
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy – CBT finds out the unhealthy and negative thoughts and behaviors in patients and replaces them with positive and healthy ones. CBT helps to find out the triggers that lead to a bipolar situation in patients. Knowing the cause helps our therapists to teach effective strategies to our patients to overcome triggering situations.
  • Family-focused therapy – At our bipolar treatment center, we firmly believe that family support and open communication are the best treatments for mental disorders. We arrange for therapy sessions for the patient with their loved ones and members of the family and counsel both the parties.

Besides the above-listed therapies, we also prescribe medications for quick and easy recovery. Visit our treatment center for more information.

The treatment options for bipolar disorder?

Although Bipolar disorder is a lifelong condition; we strongly believe that management of symptoms can improve the quality of life in patients to a large extent. We follow a structured treatment approach for bipolar disorder that involves medications, day treatment programs, psychotherapy techniques, and hospitalization in cases of dangerous behaviors.

We also encourage our patients to attend support groups where they can socialize and receive support from those battling with similar evils in life. Furthermore, we also impart in our patients, effective coping mechanisms to overcome stressful situations. Call us for appointments.

How is bipolar disorder treated in children and teenagers?

Treatments for bipolar disorder in children and teenagers defers from case to case depending on the symptoms. However, typical treatment includes prescription medicines, psychotherapy techniques, and long-term therapy. Psychotherapy plays an imperative role in treating bipolar disorders in children and teens to manage symptoms and to develop a routine. Furthermore, during treatment, we help them develop coping skills and improve their learning disabilities, communication skills, and family dynamics.

Many teenagers with bipolar disorder also deal with addiction problems. In such cases, we offer treatment for both the addiction and co-occurring mental disorders. Family plays a major role in bipolar treatment for children and teenagers, so we make sure to provide psychoeducation to the family members for a better understanding of the disorders and its symptoms.

Do you feel depressed or delusional? Get in touch with Awakenings Treatment Center today. We work as a comprehensive bipolar treatment center and help our patients heal through psychological counseling and medications. Visit our center or call us for more information.