How Oversharing with Your Parents Can Harm Your Individual Growth

Oversharing means giving more detail about your personal life than should be given. Oversharing also depends on who you are giving these details to. For example, you are probably used to sharing more intimate details about your thoughts and emotions to your close relatives and best friends. However, you would not share those same specifics

Conflict & Empathy

“Seek first to understand, then to be understood.” This is one of my favorite sayings. As humans, when we get into a disagreement or conflict with another person, our instinct and deepest need is to feel heard and understood. Therefore, our initial words are centered around expressing our experience and opinion to the other person.
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How To Reduce Anxious “Broom Talk”

Anxious “Broom Talk” is how I refer to the habit of using sweeping statements. People who have high anxiety and worry often, tend to make sweeping statements about situations, other people, and themselves. As an anxiety coach, I have written this short article to help you learn how to reduce anxious “Broom Talk”. Examples of

How Stimulus Control can Help Improve your Sleeping

Imagine this its late at night, you are feeling tired, so you go to bed. You put on your PJ’s, hop in bed, and then all of a sudden you turn on the TV while you lay in bed. Then you start checking your phone to see the latest Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter updates. You

Unhappy Anniversaries

We recently passed the one year anniversary of when the world shut down. Typically, we associate anniversaries with things to celebrate. It seems easy to hold space to remember those happy occasions. Perhaps a less considered kind of anniversary is that of tragedy, and it’s equally as important to hold space for the emotions that

Battling Insomnia: A Short Guide to Getting Better Sleep

We all can easily say that at one point in our lives we had trouble getting an appropriate amount of sleep throughout the week. This is due to us waking up multiple times throughout the night and having difficulty falling back to sleep for a long period of time. We wake up feeling exhausted, cranky,
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Who’s Responsible for Success in Therapy?

Everyone carries assumptions about what they will get out of coming to therapy. Some clients are having such a hard time in their life that just signing up for that first session, getting out of the house, driving to the office and plopping down on the coach feels like an achievement in itself. And a

What does it mean to do therapy from the top-down or from the bottom-up?

When a person goes into therapy they are generally looking to feel better, or have an outlet. As a therapist I am always assessing my clients, “Do they need a higher level of care”, “Am I the best fit for the client”, “What approach is going to work for my clients”. These are just a