Borderline Personality Disorder Treatment

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Borderline Personality Disorder Treatment

Ranked as the #1 rehab for borderline personality disorder treatment, Omega Recovery uses a combination of psychotherapy, medications, holistic programs, and support group meetings to help individuals lead healthier lives. With experienced psychiatrists, compassionate RNs, and highly trained therapists, we help patients battling borderline personality disorder achieve improved mental wellness.

What is a borderline personality disorder?

It is a mental health disorder that impacts the way you feel about yourself and the people around you. Individuals with BPD face problems with functioning in everyday life situations, as they battle with self-image issues, a pattern of unstable relationships, and erratic emotions and behaviors.

If you experience intense fear of abandonment or instability or inappropriate anger, or frequent mood swings, you must sign up for BPD treatment at the earliest. Timely help can help you overcome impulsiveness and allow you to have loving and lasting relationships.

Symptoms of borderline personality disorder

A borderline personality disorder is a mental issue that affects how you think and feels about yourself and those around you. You must consider our extensive psychiatric disorder treatment if you experience one or more of the following symptoms:

  1. An intense and constant fear of abandonment, causing you to take extreme measures to avoid separation or rejection in any form.
  2. Participating in a pattern of unstable intense relationships.
  3. Idealizing someone but also believing that they do not care enough about you or is cruel
  4. Experiencing rapid changes in self-identity and self-image
  5. Undergoing stress-related paranoia for several hours or days and losing contact with reality
  6. Engaging in risky behavior and making impulsive life decisions.
  7. Making suicidal threats or injuring yourself in response to the fear of separation or rejection

BPD patients also experience an ongoing emptiness and can lose their temper or get into physical fights. If you experience mood swings that last for several hours or a couple of days, join a borderline personality disorder program at the earliest to prevent adverse consequences.

Our borderline personality disorder treatment

Ranked as the #1 mental health rehab, we treat numerous psychiatric issues using evidence-based treatments and holistic therapies. Here’s how we address borderline personality disorder:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy

CBT helps BPD patients find and establish meaningful connections between their thoughts, feelings, and actions and increases their awareness of how these can impact their behavior and quality of life. We use this therapy to individuals address their unsettling thoughts and volatile emotions linking to their condition.

  • Dialectical behavioral therapy

DBT helps treat patients battling borderline personality disorder, overcome suicidal thoughts and build the confidence and coping skills necessary to handle stressful situations efficiently. It reduces episodes of emotional outbursts and improves self-image.

  • Yoga and somatic techniques

Our team of therapists uses holistic therapies like yoga and mindful meditation to promote relaxation and help clients lead a calm, fulfilling, and stress-free lifestyle.

Contact us at 512-559-7837 to learn more about our borderline personality disorder treatment. Omega Recovery is a highly sought-after rehab for mental health illnesses with hundreds of positive reviews and a high success rate. Call us now to join our rehab facility.

Borderline Personality Disorder Treatment