California Detox Facility

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California Detox Facility

Detox is often the step in treating substance abuse disorders. Orange County alcohol detox enables you to overcome your dependence on alcohol safely. It’s important to note that detox alone can’t help you attain sobriety, but when coupled with complete rehab, you can achieve lasting recovery. At Ocean Hills Recovery Inc., we offer top-of-the-line alcohol and drug detoxification programs. Guests at our California detox facility receive 24/7 clinical care to ensure a comfortable and safe detox process.

Dangers of Trying to Quit on Your Own

People with a substance abuse disorder experience withdrawal symptoms once they stop using alcohol or drugs. Typically, the severity of these side effects and the type of symptoms will depend on various factors. For instance, the substance taken, amount used, and addiction level. That said, there are common side effects of alcohol and all kinds of drugs, such as cravings and irritability.

Some of the symptoms of withdrawal can be quite intense enough to cause a relapse or serious medical complications. This is the reason why trying to quit alcohol or drugs on your own without professional help from an alcohol rehab center is highly discouraged.

Overdose Risk

Cravings that are triggered after stopping alcohol or drug use can make it impossible for you to resist the urge to use again. Such overwhelming cravings can cause you to consume more of the substance than you otherwise would, increasing the likelihood of a fatal overdose.

Benzodiazepine Withdrawal Dangers

Drugs classified as benzodiazepines include Valium, Xanax, and Klonopin. Some side effects of detoxing from these sedatives are panic attacks, tremors, difficulty sleeping, and seizures. Additionally, benzos can trigger psychotic symptoms, hallucinations, and delirium. During a psychotic episode, someone can get hurt. Even worse, unsupervised detox from benzodiazepines can result in death.

Alcohol Detox Dangers

Individuals with alcohol use disorder, especially long-term and very heavy drinkers, can develop delirium tremens. Typically, this starts after two to ten days of your last drink. Its symptoms include abrupt mood changes, restlessness, agitation, fear, confusion, tremors, and seizures. If detox isn’t supervised by medical professionals, this side effect can be deadly.

Reasons to Seek Professional, Clinical Detox

Detox in top alcohol rehabs in California is highly recommended and for good reason:

  • Rehab facilities are well equipped and have dedicated medical staff to manage the physical as well as emotional withdrawal symptoms.
  • If you’ve overdosed or relapsed in the past, you stand a better chance of reaching sobriety by going to one of the finest California drug and alcohol detox programs.

Our clinical drug detox in Orange County offers many benefits. To begin with, medical detox at our facility takes place in a safe and controlled environment where you’ll be monitored and closely supervised 24/7 by experts. Secondly, we manage the side effects of withdrawal to make the process as comfortable as possible.

Get Help for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

It’s possible to conquer your substance abuse disorder at our California detox facility. We have clinical staff who provide round-the-clock care and monitoring to ensure you go through detoxification safely. Our detox program will set you on the path to meaningful and long-term recovery. Call Ocean Hills Recovery Inc., or verify your insurance now:

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California Detox Facility

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