Why Bother with Change?

Why Bother with Change?

Why Bother with Change? By: Dr Ray and Rev Jean Kadkhodaian So its day 254 of my journey I only have 20 days left to complete the last 122 miles to reach 1000. A question I get asked and a question I ask myself often is why. Why do this. Why put myself through this...

Have You Ever?

Have You Ever? Have you ever felt beautiful? Have you ever felt ugly? Have you ever lost?  Have you ever won? Have you ever not had enough money?  Have you ever had money burning a hole in your pocket? Have you ever felt fat?  Have you ever felt thin? Have you ever...

Tip of the Day! Fight or Flight -by Jean Kadkhodaian

Did you know that when your heart rate goes over 100 beats per minute that your brain goes into fight of flight? When we are in fight or flight we can not longer think logically we just respond emotionally. Fight or Flight reduces our ability to process what we hear logically or worse not allow any information in at all. This is why when you are fighting with someone you or they only hear one or 2 key words out of context and become irrational.