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The Benefits Of A Child Therapist For Your Kids

Parents always want the very best for their children, and they do all they can to ensure their kids are healthy, happy and feeling great about themselves. Sometimes, issues can occur in a child’s life that is very difficult for the parents to understand and for the children to talk about with Mom and Dad.

In these situations, as well as others, a child therapist in Arlington Heights, IL, is an important professional to consider. These specially trained therapists can reach out and connect with children, helping them to talk about issues that may be very difficult to talk about with parents.

Family Synergy Therapy or FST, is an 8 week structural treatment program for a family system designed to assess current dysfunction in the family, reconstruct dysfunctional roles, improve communication and attachment leading to overall emotional health within the system.

What Therapists Do

Through routinely scheduled therapy sessions, a child therapist uses different techniques to help children to explore the issues that are causing problems in their lives and creating effective coping mechanisms and strategies. Common issues addressed during child counseling sessions include family and school problems, friendship, bullying, low self-esteem, grief, depression and managing stress and change.

Older children may also see a child psychologist or therapist for issues such as self-injury, ADHD, depression, anxiety and behavior problems that may be limiting the child’s ability to participate in school as well as in the community.

A child therapist uses a variety of techniques in working with kids based on their age and comfort level with therapy. Most therapists use discussion, play, art, movement and other types of activities to help children to process issues and to create new, effective and positive coping strategies.

In most cases, the process involves some sessions with the child alone and some sessions that may include the parents or the family. Talking with the therapist in Arlington Heights, IL provides a clear picture of what the therapy process looks like for your child.

family counseling schaumburg illinois
family counseling schaumburg illinois

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family counseling schaumburg illinois

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family counseling schaumburg illinois

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