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Counseling Arlington Heights Illinois:

The Lighthouse Difference

Seeking counseling is a very vulnerable thing to do and sometimes difficult to admit. It is a personal business that demands personal attention. Especially when the happiness of your marriage, your children and your family are dependent on the help you seek, it is important to choose your providers carefully. Dr. Ray &  Jean Kadkhodaian created The Lighthouse Emotional Wellness Center in 2002 with your marriage and your family in mind. They believe that marriage is the cornerstone of the family because they realized the work necessary to maintain happiness in their own relationship. It is this personal attention to your marriage and your family that the entire staff at The Lighthouse holds at the utmost priority. Dr. Ray and Jean specifically chose the title “Emotional Wellness” in naming their company to identify the focus of their work to be developmental and educational in nature focusing on wellness and not pathology. It is their goal to promote empowerment, independence and overall health and happiness in all of their clients’ lives.

We define Emotional Wellness as – A  continuing state of awareness, personal responsibility, and  acceptance of one’s own feelings through growth and change, in order to be able to manage emotions effectively, deal with conflict appropriately and develop healthy relationships.

Dr. Ray on Phone

Did You Know?

All of our staff are trained and proficient in conducting teletherapy and virtual coaching sessions. Contact us today to find our more about this convenient service we offer our clients!

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Marriage Counseling Arlington Heights IL

Couples & Marriage Counseling: We began our practice working with couples. Today it is the cornerstone of our practice.

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Couples Coaching Arlington Heights IL

Couples Synergy: The couples coaching program designed by Dr. Ray & Jean Kadkhodaian, designed to revitalize marriages and bring back passion and excitement again in your relationship!

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Mental Health Counselor Arlington Heights IL

Individual Counselor / Personal Coach:  If you’re depressed or anxious about your situation in life, how are you coping with it?

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Family Counseling Arlington Heights IL

Family Counseling: Together as a team we create healthy boundaries and powerful interactions within the family system.

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Child Therapist Arlington Heights IL

Child and Adolescent Counseling: Our child therapists use different techniques to help children to explore the issues that are causing problems in their lives.

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EMDR Therapy Arlington Heights IL

EMDR Therapy: Our EMDR therapists use this specific therapeutic model to help clients to explore and heal the issues that are causing problems in their lives.

How can counseling benefit me?

People who enjoy healthy relationships are also physically healthier, recover quicker from emotional trauma and stressful events, and live longer and healthier lives. In this ever changing world, the growing demands on individuals, couples and families are taking a toll on emotional well-being. Most people have been raised in families who did not understand or teach them how to recognize and navigate emotions.  This leads to an increase in anxiety, depression and loneliness.  Even surrounded by people, some still feel very much alone in the world. Human beings are designed to live in families and communities.  When we don’t know how to tend to our emotions, we default to our natural basic instinct which is to distract ourselves, and to only display reactive emotions such as anger, frustration and resentment.   Secrets keep us from enjoying loving relationships with others, and ourselves. Couples and families are alienated by misunderstandings and the feelings of being wronged. Coworkers silently sabotage the workplace and each other.  Whether a person is single, dating or married, a child or an adult, everyone can benefit from learning how to understand and regulate their emotional life so they can live an empowered, happy, healthy life.

How do I find the right therapist for me?

It is not common knowledge that therapists are not trained in specialties during their educational experience.  It is not until they graduate and begin practicing that they develop their skills within a niche population.  While all therapists can work with anybody and any issue, therapists who “specialize” in a specific population or issue have higher rates of success and offer a better experience for their clients.   When looking for a therapist, it is okay to ask about their experience, not just in years, but also what population they have primarily helped and what issues are they most knowledgeable about.

Questions to Ask When Seeking a Therapist

  • C – connection (How did you hear of this therapist? Did you feel connected when you first called to set up your appointment? Were questions answered?)
  • A – availability (Hours, location, are they available to you through your insurance or with your financial situation?)
  • R – rapport (Do you feel comfortable with the therapist? Can you ask questions or express yourself without feeling judgment? Do you feel confident in their ability to help you?)
  • E – expertise (Does this therapist have experience working with your population/niche? Do they have more than one approach they can use to tailor to your needs?)