In their own words…

Hear what our clients have to say about how Lighthouse has made a difference in their lives and relationships.

Dear Jean & Ray

“We came to see you both to get help to save our 34 years marriage. The rut we were in was pushing us apart. Your guidance empowered us to see each other differently and so much more!”

-Larry & Nancy

“Coming to the Lighthouse over the years has been a great inspiration and comfort to me and I’ve grown so much in so many ways by embracing the tools Jean and Ray have shared. I am grateful.”


“I am so grateful to be part of The Lighthouse since Sept 2009. When I first came to see Jean I was feeling very lost in my life, lost within myself as a woman, wife, and a mother. Jean has been like a bridge connecting my heart to my soul. All throughout this journey of mine at The Lighthouse she has so loving held my hand in hers and has guided me through, validating my thoughts and feeling all the way. Without Ray, Jean, and the entire staff at The Lighthouse, I am sure I would still be a very sad and lonely woman, possibly a divorced single mother. Now I feel stronger, confident, and eager to move through this world with grace and passion. I am also happily married. Thank you Jean and Ray, from the bottom of my heart, for not only teaching me how to live my life to it’s fullest, but for teaching “US” how to dance.  Sending you all love and light, always”


“To all the Lighthouse

Even though I have more to learn, which is part of my journey through life- the advice, direction and many new ideas have helped me want more for my family and myself. It has helped me to recognize so much that is good in my life and opened many doors for new behavior and growth that is leading me to be honest, appreciative and open. Who knew?”


“I have worked with Ray for over two years now. He accepted me for the person that I am. Yes he continually challenges my actions and decisions. Because of him, I have shifted from a mindset of guilt, anger, distrust and fear, to one of acceptance, love, trust, and empowerment. I am deeply grateful for all the hard work and energy that Ray and Jean have given to make The Lighthouse a safe place to grow.”


“Joy is fantastic.  I was very iffy about talking to someone for a long time.  She has been patient with me and I opened up to her a lot.  I feel great when I leave out of there.  It will take time but with her help I hope to continue on the right path and be a better individual.”

“Edward Oriole is a great mentor. He is able to see the other persons perspective and work with you to overcoming the challenges life presents for achieving a positive and happy lifestyle. His high emotional IQ makes him a unique therapist. I highly recommend others who are seeking treatment for mental health to see Edward!”


“Life is full of… opportunities and possibilities. What will I create? Thank you Ray & Jean for your patience and guidance! “


“Dr. Ray, Rev. Jean and the entire staff of The Lighthouse are truly invested in the healing and well being of all of their clients. They are caring, patient, understanding, thoughtful practitioners who view themselves as equal to all who walk through the door. These qualities make them approachable and human so that you feel as though you’re visiting with friends, but better because they have the knowledge, training and experience to actually help. With their guidance, anything is possible.”


“The Lighthouse is what has helped our family see what is the best way for is all to live in harmony and respect for each other’s way of doing things. I fell blessed that we found Jean & Ray to be our guiding light through dark times in our family. What I love most is that each of us in our family has changed from our unhealthy rolls to healthy rolls in the family, in turn we live now in joy, clarity and a feeling of great respect and love for each other. Thank you Lighthouse”

-Charlie & Maggie

“I have grown and prospered since my first visit to “The Lighthouse” I have accomplished more healing the past years here than the 10 previous years with other counselors and therapists! I will continue on my “life” journey with the guidance and insight I receive from everyone especially Jean. I look forward to each day and the new experiences I have with them because I see everything in a new light… a Light I am happy to receive and thankful to Jean for pointing it out to me. Anyone who wants to “live” their life to its fullest should start here. Sincerely Thank You”


“This is for Jean,

This woman is one of the greatest reason of my evolvement into a much focused and confident human being. Being an immigrant it was becoming difficult for me to adjust to my new surroundings but Jean held my hand and made my journey easier. I wish the staff of the Lighthouse all the best wished and many more such success stories.”

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