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Though you bring your own unique personality to a relationship, you build a “couple personality” with your partner that is completely separate. With your partner, you navigate the world in a “synergy” and it is this that you feel in those weeks or months when you first become a couple, manifesting in passion and excitement. You may have heard it referred to as the “honeymoon period.”

It is not unusual for synergy to become fixed at a certain position without the ability to grow, particularly when time and energy constraints occur. You may feel a disconnect with your partner and within the “couple personality” as the result of external influences.

Delivered by a qualified relationship counselor, the Couples Synergy program helps you both to reignite the passion and synergy within your relationship. This specialized relationship coaching program was developed by Dr. Ray and Jean Kadkhodaian in 2002 and has helped thousands of couples, offering a range of tools and techniques that allows synergy to grow in your relationship again.



Dr Ray and Rev Jean Kadkhodaian

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Couples Synergy

The Couples Synergy Weekend Intensive

and the Couple 2 Couple Program


Offering more than what traditional marriage or couples counseling offers, the Couple 2 Couple Program is a virtual program that coaches couples at any stage of their relationship. Suitable for new couples, or those who have been together for decades, the goal is to assist you in creating relationship goals that you have the power to reach. These types of counseling services are widely accessible thanks to the virtual delivery so that all you need to do is arrange an initial assessment to benefit from the teachings of Dr. Ray and Jean Kadkhodaian. Learn how to create synergy through self-awareness, practice and education.


The Lighthouse has exclusive access to the Couples Synergy program. Delivered personally by Dr. Ray and Jean Kadkhodaian, you benefit from the renowned power couple and their years of experience in assisting couples to build the relationships they deserve. Rediscover the love you felt when you initially met your partner and let your relationship soar to new heights.


The Couples Synergy Weekend Intensive is offered across a range of locations, delivering the power of the Couple 2 Couple program in an intensive, weekend long session. The program offers accommodation at the location, though meals are not included. To find out how to book a weekend, contact us today!

Couples Synergy Comprises 3 Core Principles

  1. Like Attracts Like: The Law of Attraction

    Throughout our lives, we attract partners with similar characteristics to ourselves, whether they be good or bad. By becoming aware of the negative things you bring to a relationship, you can begin a path of change. Starting this journey with your partner will help you to overcome these challenges to make positive changes that will benefit you for the rest of your life, so that even if this relationship ends, your future ones will be better.

  2. Exercising Your Power or Refraction

    You have immense power when you are able to clearly see your part of the relationship and how you influence the partnership dynamic. Being able to take a look inward to truly see yourself is a powerful aspect of Couples Synergy. Your true power is being able to change the aspects of yourself that need work and being able to respond to what you cannot change, rather than trying to change your partner.

  3. “You Just Don’t Get Me” or The Plenary Connection

    Communication can become an extremely convoluted endeavor, particularly when it comes to the complex issues of learned behaviors and biology. Identifying the failures in communication that lead you to feel misunderstood, invisible or unfairly judged allows you to move past the stalemate that you might be feeling. Through learning how to communicate more effectively, you can properly reconnect with your partner.

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