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Counseling in Arlington Heights, IL: When relationships form between two people, a separate and unique entity is created, called the “couple personality”. This union of two individuals into something greater is also called, “synergy”. It is this synergy in a relationship that provides the excitement and passion a couple feels when they first come together.

Over time, however, this synergy can stop growing, especially when time and energy isn’t dedicated to the relationship. External influences and obligations can further erode this synergy causing a disconnect within the “couple personality”.

The Couples Synergy Program, developed by “power couple”, Dr. Ray and Jean Kadkhodaian, teach couples how to reenergize and improve the synergy within their relationship. It provides the tools and guidance needed to bring back the excitement and passion the couple once felt for each other.



Dr Ray and Rev Jean Kadkhodaian

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Couples Synergy

The Couple 2 Couple Program

and Couples Synergy Weekend Intensive


The Couple 2 Couple Virtual Coaching Program is worlds apart from traditional couples or marriage counseling. Whether you are in the first year of your marriage or the 30th year, we will teach you how to create the relationship that you desire and deserve through self-awareness, education and practice. Dr. Ray & Jean Kadkhodaian have worked with thousands of couples internationally via their virtual coaching program, thus it doesn’t matter what time zone you are in, contact us today to setup an initial assessment.


Couples Synergy is conducted personally by Dr. Ray & Jean Kadkhodaian, and this program is not offered anywhere in the world except through The Lighthouse. It is very powerful to have a married couple team up with you and your partner to help you create the relationship you’ve always dreamed of with the partner you fell in love with. What we call, Couples Synergy.


The Couples Synergy Weekend Intensive is conducted at various locations and consists of an intensive course of the major concepts of the Couple 2 Couple Program material, all covered during  one weekend. Accommodations are arranged at the various locations. Meals are not included. Contact us today to book an available weekend and receive your itinerary for the program!

The 3 core relationship principles of Couples Synergy are:

  1. The Law of Attraction or “Like attracts Like”

    Until you learn your piece of the pattern, you will continue to attract partners with similar issues. By healing what’s wrong in your current relationship you won’t repeat it in a subsequent relationship. Our goal is that you both become whole and healthy within your relationship. Your partner is the perfect person to help you learn how to change, even if you end the relationship. Doing this work will positively change all your relationships for the rest of your life!

  2. Refraction or “Exercising your power”

    How you contribute to and influence the relationship is your source of power. We are all designed to see outward rather than inward. What others reflect back to us is distorted or refracted.  Couples Synergy teaches you how to see yourself. When we first meet a couple, both are very clear about what they believe their partner needs to change. However, the power to change is inside you, not in changing your partner. You have the power to change and effectively respond to the things that you cannot change.

  3. The Plenary Connection or “You just don’t get me”

    All the complexities of communication including biology and learned behaviors unknowingly contaminate communication. Most people report at the first meeting that they feel misunderstood, unfairly judged and invisible in the relationship. Communication has become an endless dance that always ends up in the same stalemate. We’ll help you identify the problems in your communication and learn more effective ways of completely connecting with one another.

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