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Is Happiness a Moral Imperative?

Often in my clinical work I ask a client the following question: "Do you have a moral obligation to be happy?" This opens up an avenue of thought that often neglected. My goal is to lead the client to the conclusion the seeking happiness is a moral imperative. To...

Empathy is Vital to a Relationship

Part of the human condition is a desire to be understood.  We want the foremost people in our lives to understand what our daily existence is like.  The fear of abandonment is less prevalent when someone notices whether we are joyful, fearful, sad or if we are...


THE JOURNEY TO EMOTIONAL SELF-SUFFICIENCY by Edward L. Oriole L.C.P.C. C.A.D.C. N.C.C. Much of what I have learned about developing emotional self-sufficiency comes from therapist and Ph.D. David Richo. He posits that good mental health comes with a durable sense of...

What Are Mature Copying Mechanisms?

Before I began practicing in the field of psychology, my experience with coping mechanisms was limited.  Academia had taught me that they are: "an unconscious way of reducing anxiety by distorting perceptions of reality."  While everyone uses coping mechanisms on...


Once again I begin with the premise that: Healthy Boundaries equal Healthy Relationships. If you have not already, please read part 1 of this blog by clicking here. We will now discuss why healthy boundaries are essential for successful relationships. Here are...


We here at the Lighthouse Emotional Wellness Center have one premise in place: That premise is that Healthy Boundaries equal Healthy Relationships.  How does one know if one holds true to Healthy Boundaries?  Examine what Healthy Boundaries are:  They are guidelines,...

External vs Internal Motivation in Sustaining Recovery

The human capacity to search for happiness seems endless. My experience, within the counseling field, demonstrates that this endless search is often external. To seek happiness, fulfillment or peace through unrealistic dreams, addictions or even other people, is a...

Some Thoughts on the Science on Relationships

"Follow your dream, but take your brain along with you." That short nugget of wisdom was by Alfred Adler written in the 1920s. I believe that what Adler meant was that we should seek to investigate the scientific underpinnings within the field of relationships. A...

Binge-Drinking and the Danger to Adolescents

Due to the long term effects of alcohol abuse, binge drinking has become a major public health issue. What is binge drinking? Social, medical and emotional health media categorize "binge- drinking" as a pejorative term. It includes individuals who engage in heavy,...

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)

Addiction in all of its forms is a disease of isolation, secrecy and dissociation. When an individual organizes their world in those terms the result is a significant dysfunction. In my practice, the initial goal is to establish a therapeutic alliance between myself...

Edward L. Oriole is a nationally certified Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor. Edward is an associate on the staff at The Lighthouse Emotional Wellness Center. Eddie’s philosophy regarding his clinical work is:

The way that we think significantly affects the way that we behave. The way that we behave significantly affects our interactions with others.

Eddie can help you determine if the patterns in your personal and work life are useful or counter-productive. For example if your thinking patterns often result in anxiety, depression, relationship conflicts or fears, Eddie can help you identify the thinking errors. This realization leads to guidance toward a change in thinking habits and a change in behavior.

Eddie grew up on the west side of Chicago, IL. He attended Holy Cross High School. Eddie graduated early and enlisted in the United States Air Force at age seventeen. After six years of active and reserve duty Eddie continued to protect and serve by joining the Chicago Police Department. He served fourteen years in uniform and another fourteen years as a negotiator in the Hostage, Barricade and Terrorist unit. Eddie’s first exposure to the field of psychology was during the training as a hostage negotiator. This prompted a two-fold question for Eddie: Where does behavioral dysfunction originate? And What type of treatment offers the best chance for symptom remediation?

The goal, for Eddie, became understanding the link between thinking patterns and behavior. Moreover Eddie was driven to understand the connection of genetic factors and environmental factors to the resultant behavior. Eddie learned to look beyond the behavior towards the thinking patterns. Thinking patterns that clearly led to behaviors that were contrary to the criminal’s best interests. Successful officers, Eddie learned, could tolerate uncertainty and avoid premature judgments. He learned that patient, non-judgmental responses often led to preservation of life success in hostage, barricade and terrorist negotiations.

Eddie formalized his lifelong devotion to an understanding the cause and effect of human behavior by enrolling and graduating at Northwestern University with a psychology major. This was followed by graduate school also at Northwestern University with a Master of Arts degree in counseling psychology. The initial focus was directed toward those who served in either the military of police departments. Eddie is trained in Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy which seeks to uncouple the cause of disruptive emotional consequences from the illogical belief systems. When the illogical beliefs are substituted with logical beliefs the emotional consequences change also.

Eddie’s clinical experience includes clinical work with children, adolescents and adults with behavioral or mood disorders in both in-patient and residential settings. Training, experience and devotion have resulted in a strong counselor identity. This was expanded by Eddie’s achievement of his CADC or Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor license.

In Eddie’s own words… “ The experience and mentoring that I receive at The Lighthouse has expanded my competency to include: Youngsters and adolescents in need of purpose and direction as well as individuals locked in the cycle of addictions. It also includes families searching for that correct balance with their children and couple’s therapy under the Couples Synergy model.” Eddie has developed a a rich history by serving in the armed forces, twenty-eight years as a police officer and being a single parent. His education and real life experience give Eddie a strong clinical identity.



“Endure and persist and the bad will turn to your good.” Marcus Aurelius

“Important discoveries about our interior world are made by unusual individuals capable of pushing themselves to extremes while tolerating harsh conditions that ordinary individuals could not endure.” EO

“If you wish to stop being ordinary simply stop being easy on yourself.” Fredrich Nietzsche

“Transformation is the perilous journey of the hero. It bears the archetypal hallmarks of initial isolation and the eventual return to psychic health. The hero, having undergone this ordeal , emerges as a man-transformed, possessed of great wisdom and power to bestow benefits upon his fellow man.: Carl G. Jung

Finally Sigmund Freud posited that the quality of our lives is largely determined by two things: What kind of work that we do and who we love.

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