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family counseling schaumburg illinois

Family Counseling Arlington Heights Illinois: The modern family has many struggles, and the techniques and methods of traditional family counseling often do not work to promote growth. At The Lighthouse, we know that counseling needs to change to cater for dynamic family structures. Beyond just needing a dual household income to survive financially in these times, families are struggling with the multiple dynamics occurring in today’s American family. Blended families have become the major family structure in this country and children often have to adapt to multiple households and different parenting styles. Grandparents can also add stress within a family especially if they are struggling with long term care concerns. To complicate matters, kids are also under more pressure to succeed than they ever have been in the past.

Family Synergy Therapy or FST, is an 8 week structural treatment program for a family system designed to assess current dysfunction in the family, reconstruct dysfunctional roles, improve communication and attachment leading to overall emotional health within the system.

As our society recognizes the difficult challenges that children face, disorders such as anxiety, depression, ADHD, bipolar and spectrum disorders are being more frequently diagnosed, making it ever more difficult for parents to support their families through everyday life.

At The Lighthouse, we strive to deliver the most robust counseling services that assist children and families through the struggles that they face. It is often said that “it takes a village” when it comes to successfully raising a family, and we pride ourselves on being the “village” of support that your family requires to be happy and healthy in your connections to each other.

Our model, called Family Synergy Therapy, is based upon our principle and guiding philosophy that each family member works with their own counselor. Our model was developed and extended from our founders Dr. Ray and Jean Kadkhodiain’s couples synergy model which promotes the presence of an advocate for each member of the family or relationship to create a safe environment through which to share experiences, perspectives and feelings without the risk of judgment. In addition, we use structured work involving all family members with their own therapists in order to challenge disruptive dynamics within the family and to develop better function within the family unit. We combine these techniques with a wealth of new skills integration and education to support ongoing harmony within the family.

Families that we have helped have expressed their gratitude for the positive changes that have transformed their homes into more peaceful environments with healthy communication, less conflict, more structure and boundaries that respect each member of the family. Our goal will always remain the same, and that is to help you and your family create happy, healthy and loving relationships with one another.

family counseling schaumburg illinois
family counseling schaumburg illinois

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Family Counseling Illinois Arlington Heights

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family counseling schaumburg illinois

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