Iop Orange County

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Iop Orange County

At OC Teen Center, we offer an intensive outpatient program (IOP) to children and teens experiencing mental health symptoms such as anxiety, depression, psychosis, eating disorders, self-harm, and behavioral issues. If you are a parent of a troubled teen in Orange County, we advise you to consider the Intensive Outpatient Program. Here are some of the benefits of IOP treatment for troubled teens. 

Removes Teens From Current Situation

Troubled teens dealing with mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, and eating disorders feel “stuck” in their current situation. As a father or mother, you might react to their struggles in a way that doesn’t work well. This can make your teen feel overwhelmed that there is no hope. An intensive outpatient program can remove your teen from their current situation and allow them to have a fresh start. 

Offers Intensive Support to Teens

An intensive outpatient program offers unmatched support. There are nurses, therapists, and social workers available when your teen needs to talk to them or has a problem. Your kids will be immersed in a supportive environment through individual therapy, group therapy, and several therapeutic activities. An intensive outpatient program offers more hours of support per day than any other type of treatment. 

Teens Can Keep Up with Schoolwork

Most teens who are going through mental health issues have low grades in school. This can make you worry that spending weeks in a residential treatment center will leave your kid further behind. Fortunately, an intensive outpatient program allows your teens to go to school while keeping up with their treatment.  

Provide Family Supports

Family support is a priceless tool for recovering teens. It allows your teen to get support when they need it. This will help your son or daughter learn how to open up and resolve issues from their earlier life that might have exacerbated their issues. These issues can be emotionally and mentally draining for you; an intensive outpatient program will offer you resources, support, and referrals that can help you cope. 

More Effective Than Other Program

An intensive outpatient program is very effective. The support is unmatched, and the family is actively involved, giving your teen the chance to start again. Your teen will come out of the program confident, and you will have the right tools to cope with what you have experience in the past. While this is a difficult phase in your teen’s life, what you’ve learned during the program will have a positive impact on you and your teen relationship/

Get Help for Your Teen In Orange County

Is IOP the right choice for your teen? Not that you know the value of IOP for your teen, but you may not realize how close your teen is to overcome your addiction. At OC Teen Center, we provide comprehensive care through our IOP in Orange County. To learn more about our IOP or to speak with our admissions counselor, please get in touch with us at 714-716-5044 or email at 

Iop Orange County

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