IV Therapy Fort Worth

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IV Therapy Fort Worth

When searching for the right IV therapist, it is essential to find a staff that is attentive to your individual needs that will work diligently to make sure you are given the proper care. There is one IV therapy center, in particular, that is up to the task.

What IV Therapy practices are in Fort Worth, TX?

Elite Health Center prides itself on being one of the best health centers in the Fort Worth, TX area. We know that access to your physician is one of the most critical aspects of health care and we make sure that you have access to our staff 24-hours a day through text and phone call.

Not having to chase a doctor, schedule and re-schedule appointment after appointment, and stress about when you may be able to get into the office can not only increase your stress but can have a substantial effect on your overall health.

We offer a plethora of IV therapy services, each individually designed to treat and rejuvenate:

  • Dehydration can be dangerous if left untreated. If you are dehydrated from a sporting event, a stomach bug or extreme heat, our drips will leave you feeling recharged in no time.
  • Sometimes all that is needed is a recovery and re-energization boost. This IV is tailored for getting over hangovers, muscle recovery from strenuous workouts, jetlag after a long flight, or general fatigue.
  • This isn’t detoxing as you traditionally know it. This IV drip will cleanse and detoxify your body to improve liver function, concentration and memory using Vitamin C and Glutathione.
  • If your skin has been suffering of late, this IV drip will help to hydrate dry skin, increase elasticity, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and improve the overall health of your skin.
  • Immune Boost. If you have been suffering from a cold, the flu, or need an overall boost, this IV drip will help to restore and boost your immune system.

Our IV therapies are designed to help you get back to feeling in optimal condition so that you can live your life to the fullest and feel great while doing it. We understand the drains that can occur on the body and work diligently to work to address those issues.

Our clinic also offers several aesthetic services to keep you feeling and looking your very best. We offer Botox, which is a prescription medicine that is injected into the muscles to temporarily improve the look of forehead lines, crows feet, and frown lines.

We also use Kybella, which is deoxycholic acid, that is used to help decrease the appearance of fat that hangs below the chin, also known as “double-chin.”

There is Broadband Light technology that treats skin conditions associated with aging, an active lifestyle or sun damage such as wrinkles, age and sun spots, small facial veins and other skin blemishes. There are also fillers that we inject into the soft tissue of the face to help with wrinkles and restoring a smoother appearance.

We have several services that will leave you feeling happier about your overall appearance and rejuvenated in general.

IV Therapy Fort Worth

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IV Therapy Fort Worth

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