Kamal Zaretsky

Kamal is a trauma informed, person-centered therapist who draws on her own life experiences to support her clients in self-healing, and defining and achieving their personal goals. Kamal believes a person’s ongoing understanding of the ways that past trauma can impact meaning-making, and our interpretation of current life experiences is key to growing through life’s challenges and starting on a path towards self-actualization. To help her clients calm, center, and connect with themselves, Kamal often utilizes the practice of mindfulness as a healing tool. While viewing each client within the holistic context of emotion/body/mind experience, Kamal draws on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to assist in reorganizing and integrating cognitive skills and areas of emotional growth, as well as exploring   emotion-focused issues of attachment, personal narrative, and the influence of family systems. Rather than focusing on a single therapeutic method, Kamal works with clients to integrate established theoretical methods that will best work for each person’s individual needs.  

Kamal completed her undergraduate work in Human Behavioral Sciences, and later earned a Masters degree in Clinical Counseling at National Louis University,   As the mother of three children, and with prior experience working in corporate settings in sales and distribution, Kamal is able to use these experiences to empathize with, and understand, the many pressures that face her clients and their families.