Katrina Lebek

Katrina Lebek is a Licensed Social Worker who graduated from National Louis University with honors earning a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Behavioral Sciences. She attended Dominican University receiving a Masters, with honors in Social Work.


She was born and raised in Poland and moved to the United States of America 30 years ago as is fluent in Polish and English. She understand the difficulties in adjusting to a new culture and is aware of how it feels to leave family and friends behind and recognizes the challenges of changing one’s lifestyle.


   Katrina has been working in the criminal justice field with troubled and mentally ill clients, guiding them to become pro-social and successful individuals. Her work experiences include working with individuals, couples and families. She also has worked with ill people whose mental well-being has deteriorated while suffering from prolonged medical sickness.

  Her passion has been always to listen to people and to guide them to make the right decisions in their lives. She believes that individuals have the power to change their lives for the better as they are the experts of their own life. Those positive changes not only effect the individual, but also people who are connected to them. As it might be sometimes difficult to think optimistically, the power of positive thinking can overcome many obstacles.

   Katrina believes the first step to emotional growth and success is to overcome one’s fears, addictions, depression, and anxiety, by engaging in therapy and understanding that to achieve desired goals require commitment during the process.

For therapy sessions Katrina uses Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Bowenian Family Therapy, Client-Centered Therapy and Narrative Therapy.



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