Kuma’s Corner Schaumburg Review – lunch date


Lunch Date at Kuma’s Corner – Schaumburg


HEAVY – this must be the best word to describe this restaurant in its entirety. Everything is ridiculously heavy in this gourmet burger bar. Burgers, beers, and bands are roaring like their restaurant logo. The big screen projecting horror movies complement with the atmosphere while we tussle finishing our food.

If you haven’t been to Kuma’s Corner, it’s a metal themed burger bar. Expect that everything is screaming in this rocking venue. You can hear heavy metal blaring in the background with all the crowd, noise and fun. Well, the place isn’t exclusively for the head banging fanatics, they’re open for everyone who craves for their “epic” burgers and other mouth-watering food choices. This place is often packed, but it’s worth a wait even for a lunch date.

They have insanely huge and heavy burgers which are all named after heavy metal bands. You can see an incredible selection of draft beers displayed on taps and bottles. The amazing thing is that you can try them out before you order. They also serve liquors if you’re not fond of beers.

Jean and I went to Kuma’s for lunch because we were craving some interesting burgers. The menu definitely delivered and hit the spot for what we were looking for…

Sourvein – Raspberry Aioli, 10oz Beef Patty, Applewood Smoked Bacon, Deep Fried Blackened Chicken Tenders, Cheddar Cheese, Belgian Waffle Strips and Maple Syrup

Lair of the Minotaur – Brie, Bourbon Peached Pear, Caramelized Onions, Pancetta

Burgers & Fries

Also, don’t forget to check out their mac and cheese dishes. They are equally unique and tasty. Moreover, they’re creatively served, and you just can’t resist how tempting they are. Looking at them just hypnotizes us – EAT MEEE!
Their service is as solid as their music, and we mean this in a good way. They entertained us immediately by their service crew which was extremely friendly and helpful.
Everything is just phenomenal. Great food, great beers, great ambiance, and great service – what else isn’t great in this place?

You might miss half of your life not being able to have an incredible dining experience here. So, if you like heavy metal music which comes with unique and delicious burgers right in that rock ‘n rollin’ Schaumburg area, Kuma’s Corner is the place for you.

They’re a thumbs up for us, so check them out! https://kumascorner.com/