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The number of those who suffer from substance addiction is in the millions across the US, and it is an unfortunate epidemic. Common substance abuse includes that of alcohol, opiates, stimulants, methamphetamine, and even sleeping pills. Coastline Behavioral Health is an Orange County drug rehab facility that offers comprehensive, individualized recovery.

What causes substance abuse?

The answer is quite varying and broad because there are a plethora of factors that influence people’s abuse of certain substances. The cause also depends on the type of substance abuse. For example, alcohol and illicit drug abuse could be the result of family environment, peer pressure, and other psychological traumas. Prescription or OTC drugs can start off harmless and due to medical reasons, and over time people start to abuse these drugs to numb pain.

However, with substance abuse started, there are always genetic and neurochemicals influences. This is what makes addiction harder to tackle. Once there is affects the production of neurochemicals, it is out of a patient’s control. A lot of people have the misconception that addiction is simply due to a lack of will power and that it is easily treatable with the right motivation.

While psychological support can certainly help and is a part of most treatment programs, we shouldn’t overlook the effect of brain chemicals in the struggle with substance abuse. So, medical assistance in removing the substance from the body and rebalancing brain chemicals is quite important.

What happens in drug rehabilitation

Drug rehabilitation involves tackling addiction with a combination of medical assistance and psychological support. The first step is the process of detoxing, and not all rehabilitation centers offer this step. Detoxing eliminates the substance from the body, and patients get help with dealing with the withdrawal symptoms.

The second step is to offer psychological help to the patient in the form of individual and group counseling sessions. In individual counseling, patients work with a licensed psychologist to identify the root causes of their addiction and triggers. They then work on how they can respond to those triggers in a healthier manner.

Group counseling is also quite helpful because it allows patients to realize that they are not alone. They can learn from the insight of other patients in a similar situation. It builds a much-needed support network for patients who feel lonely. Contact us if you are searching for Orange County drug rehab facilities.

What drug treatment program is best for me?

The main types of addiction recovery programs include inpatient, outpatient, and a combination of the two. Inpatient programs require addicts to live in the rehab facility, where they receive close supervision. Hence, these are best for severe addictions.

In outpatient programs, patients can live in their own home and carry out their daily life while receiving treatment. It is suitable for people who can withstand their triggers or those with less severe addictions.

Are you looking for an Orange County drug rehab center for you or a loved one? Coastline Behavioral Health offers addiction treatment for a range of substances.

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