Perspectives on Couples Synergy from Author, Drew Bekius

Perspectives on Couples Synergy from Author, Drew Bekius


Having been contacted after many years and after having obtained consent to talk about this experience, Jean and I are very proud to have been part of the life of Drew Bekius, author of “The Rise and Fall of Faith”, are extremely honored to have been mentioned in his book. We are especially honored that our work with couples, Couples Synergy, was described by him in such a flattering manner.

It is always a rewarding experience to be contacted by clients later on in their life, to see how happy they are, and to know that they have grown exponentially from the time we spent together. Because of the intense and intimate work we do in Couples Synergy, it is not very often that we are contacted by clients years later updating us on how they are doing. In fact, it seems to be just part of the trade. However, there are times when clients send notes of thanks, an email to update us on their lives, or just stop by to share the exciting things going on in their lives.

These experiences are extremely rewarding for us, and when given permission, we are always excited to share with the world the incredible successes our clients have accomplished. To see another human being create happiness in their lives and to have been a guide in that journey, is the reason why our passion continues to be to help people.

– Dr Ray & Rev Jean

An excerpt from Drew’s book:

“She wanted to seek out marital counseling, and I agreed, pending two requirements. One, that the therapist not be a Christian – or at least not one with a traditional Christian view of marriage. And. two, that the counseling not include any overriding agenda that sees marriage as an eternal covenant to be salvaged at all costs. An acceptable angle would be one that seeks to find common ground and bring us both to a place of psychological and emotional health, and that only then would determine whether we were still compatible as a couple. That kind of agenda would be fine.

And eventually we discovered the work of Doctor Ray and Reverend Jean, a wonderful couple who were both therapists and ran a practice together specializing in this very thing. The therapy featured a two-part approach where either all four of us met together to work through relationship stuff or Justina and I attended individual therapy sessions with Jean and Ray, respectively. They did include a hearty helping of spirituality of Eastern origin – a mix of Daoism, Buddhism, and Zoroastrianism, which rounded out their Gestalt and Jungian clinical philosophies. But one thing was clear, the therapy definitely wasn’t Christian and it didn’t import any of that marriage-is-an-eternal-mandate stuff.

And this wonderful couple was really quite amazing. Seriously, the powerful experience they provided played an incredibly constructive role in both of our lives as Justina and I dealt with years of baggage and worked our way toward individual health. And along that way, I even thought maybe we’d end up staying together in the end. But new complications were brewing. As helpful as the whole process was, and as instrumental as it would prove long-term, I started facing some compulsions that were not finding an immediate fix in therapy.”

“I thank Ray Kadkhodaian, who first encouraged me to begin the therapeutic exercise of journaling my deconversion experience, which eventually turned into this book”

Drew Bekius And Dr Ray Kadkhodaian

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