Psychotherapist Encino

Psychotherapist Encino

While a great many of us could benefit immensely from psychotherapy, there are a lot of personal beliefs and social stigmas that hold us back from trying psychotherapy, perhaps because of the root word “psycho” in “psychotherapy?” In psychotherapy, “psycho” refers to the mind or psychology. So if that's what's holding you up, don't stress it!

Seriously though, the many misconceptions of psychotherapy are understandable in a way. After all, nobody wants to think that they are crazy or harboring some huge problem that requires the services of a psychotherapist. It can be hard to see that therapy isn't reserved solely for the most disturbed members of our society. Rather, it's for everyone!

If you are looking for a psychotherapist in Encino, contact Dr. Arlene Drake, a private trauma therapist with more than thirty years of experience. You can live a better life, and a psychotherapist can help!

Do I Need a Psychotherapist in Encino?

It's actually quite ordinary, whether you live in Encino or anywhere in the world, to be confused, anxious, and challenged by relationships, family life, and the direction of your career. In that sense, the only real qualification for psychotherapy is to be a normal human being.

Many people are uncomfortable about the imagined “weirdness” of spilling their guts to someone they have never met before. Wouldn't it make more sense to talk to a trusted friend or family member? Usually, no. For one thing; friends and family aren't professionally trained to listen and give advice. Also, it is our friends and family who often have expectations for us that can get in the way of meaningful, helpful discussion.

Also, prior knowledge of ourselves can inadvertently cause the most sincere and well-wishing friends and family members to hold preconceived notions and ideas. Sadly, and usually unintentionally, our friends and family members can be the most judgmental. Speaking with an experienced and trained psychotherapist can give us the chance we need to tell everything without worrying about being judged or misunderstood.

Who's the Best Psychotherapist in Encino?

Dr. Arlene Drake has seen it all and dealt with it all in her 30+ years of psychotherapy treatment. There¬†is literally nothing you can say that will offend her, upset her, or shock her. She has a far more expansive view of “normal” than that which is widely held by society. It's nice to have someone who is neutral and non-judgmental when getting those heavy, vexing issues off your chest, such as issues of sex and anxiety.

Speaking with a mental health expert can make all the difference in your life for the better! So many people harbor trauma and carry around bad feelings with them throughout life. Wouldn't it be nice to finally ditch that baggage and not have to live under its weight anymore? With the help of a skilled psychotherapist like Dr. Arlene Drake, you can do just that!

Contact Arlene Drake today either by phone or by this website if you would like to meet with a psychotherapist in Encino. She provides free 15-minute over-the-phone consultations.

Psychotherapist Encino

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Psychotherapist Encino

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